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Nick Sagnella

Prior to founding HomeVP, Nick built and sold a landscaping company that specialized in installing sod in the Greater Charlotte area.

Based on that experience, Nick understands the different varieties of turf in our area and what it takes to keep it thriving.

Having been in the industry, Nick realized that traditional service providers had a difficult time mowing lawns correctly — at the right height and frequency.

After some research, Nick found the right robot mower for our area, RoboMow.

The robots can handle all types of grass including tall fescue, which has a taller mowing requirement.

Having overseen the installation of our first batch of customers, Nick is confident that the robots can deliver the quality you desire.

Woody Chin

Woody has worked in corporate America as an IT executive and management consultant.  He doesn’t have a green thumb, so he leaves all that to Nick.

Woody loves working with the cloud and SaaS tools to improve our customer experience.


Robotic Lawn Mowing

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HomeVP Robotic Lawn Care

Get a Quote FAST!  Affordable. Free Installation. No Risk.

Sod farms are lawn experts and they recommend mowing your grass more than once a week to keep it healthy and looking good. But getting a service to come more than once a week is not only expensive, chances are they won’t even offer that because of their routes that are based on once-a-week.

Get our service and experience the difference of having your lawn mowed twice or more times a week by one of our robots. It’s not lawn mowing, it’s continual lawn maintenance.

Currently serving Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

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Better Lawn

Our robots mow your lawn twice-a-week. Frequent mowing keeps your lawn looking amazing. It also prevents “scalping” stress on your lawn.

You get a dedicated robot, which means it won’t drag in disease and weeds from other yards like traditional services.

Customer Service

We respond quickly via phone, email or text. You have access to a customer portal so you can see all the activity on your property. We also accept credit cards to make payments easy and to give you consumer protection.


No emissions and 75% quieter compared to gas mowers. Robot mowers are about as loud as a box fan so it won’t wake your family.

The robot’s powerful electric motor can power through leaves in the fall creating organic fertilizer.



Get a Quote FAST!  Affordable. Free Installation. No Risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use a variety of makes and models of  robotic mowers.  We select the best mower for your lawn.

We install a wire along the perimeter of your lawn and the robot mows continually within those boundaries. After a week or two of mowing, your lawn will look as smooth as a carpet.

Robot mowers are so quiet you can hear the birds chirping!

The robots are very powerful and can handle most terrain with slopes up to 30 degrees. However, if you have many small areas of grass it may not be suitable.

Yes. We are confident that you will like the quality of service so we don’t charge for the installation.

You can purchase a unit directly from any number of manufacturers.

However, we recommend (self servingly) that you use robotic mowing as a service.  We can select the best mowers for your situation and perform an expert installation.  You don’t have to worry about maintenance or fine-tuning of the installation.