Although folks from further up north are familiar with Fescue, turf experts in our area recommend Bermuda as the best choice for our climate.

Most golf courses (including Quail Hollow) use Bermuda as the primary turf grass.  But why doesn’t your Bermuda lawn look like a golf course?

Answer: Frequency of mowing

With our service, you can choose to have your Bermuda lawn mowed several times a week.  That frequency, combined with a low mow height, will “train” your Bermuda to start growing sideways, thus creating a lush, dense, healthy lawn.

We placed a robotic mower on one our customer’s prized Bermuda lawn.  After several weeks at a 1″ mow height, we were able to get the grass to be visibly thicker and healthier than the adjacent areas that were mowed once a week by a traditional service.

Just look how dense the growth is!